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Hello and welcome to my personal blog about the Ladbroke Grove rail crash that occured on the fifth of October 1999 in Ladbroke Grove in London. It was the worst railc rash that has ever occured on the Great Western Main Line railway. In actual fact there was a second crash that occured just previously to Ladbroke Grove, the first being the Southall rail crash that happened back in September 1997. During the Ladbroke Grove crash everybody on board the train was injured with over thirty dying on scene. It came as a shock to many on board, but essentially it would have been completely preventable if the train railways ATP – automatic train protection system had of functioned correctly. Following the incident there was a large scale inquiry for those of the affected families and public confidence was severely hampered across the country. In actual fact, rail fares plumeted the following two months and public interest in utilising the rail network took many years to return to the previous levels. The public inquiry was led by Lord Cullen in the year 2000, much emphasis was put onto the fact that the ATP was completely insignificant in the crash, however later reports revealed that it was a crucial component in it and in actual fact the crash would have been totally prevented if it worked as previously anticipated. Many overhauls of the rail network on that particular line were put forward in the years preceeding the crash and now it is acutally regarded as the safest line in the whole of the United Kingdom’s extensive rail network.

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