Timing and scope of the review

Prior to the end of 2016, a number of interested parties approached the Home Office to say that there was now sufficient evidence to commence the review and that there was no need to wait until 2018 to do this. In view of this, and after consideration of the available evidence, Home Office Ministers agreed that the review should be undertaken early. In December 2016, the Home Office wrote to potentially interested parties to seek their views on the contribution that the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 had made to reductions in levels of metal theft. Specifically, these organisations were asked: ➢ whether the Act has been successful in providing a robust, modern, and comprehensive regulatory regime for the metal recycling sector in order to tackle the trade in stolen metal; ➢ whether it is appropriate to retain or repeal the Act or any of its provisions; ➢ whether the requirements relating to licences and the national registers set out in the Act have helped to achieve the Act’s objectives; and ➢ the extent to which other requirement in the Act – to verify the identity of those from whom scrap metal dealers receive scrap metal; the requirement that dealers must maintain appropriate records of all transactions; and the prohibition on dealers paying for scrap metal by cash – have helped to achieve the Act’s objective. Over 50 individuals and organisations wrote to the Home Office with views on the review and these views are reflected throughout this report.


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